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Interview with Greg Adams, CFO, Chestnut Carbon

February 22, 2024

Chestnut Carbon CFO Greg Adams spoke with Energy Dialogues, Inc. ahead of the upcoming Carbon Solutions Forum in San Diego. Check out the interview below and reach out if you would like to connect with us.

Greg, could you start by providing our audience with an overview of Chestnut Carbon? What is the mission and vision of the company, and how does it fit into the landscape of carbon, nature-based solutions (NBS)?

At Chestnut Carbon, we help to sustain the planet through long-term, nature-based carbon solutions. We develop and deliver high-integrity, US-based carbon removal credits. We work to increase biodiversity, restore lands to their natural state, and bring economic opportunities to local communities.

Our business has two main segments – one segment is afforestation whereby we purchase marginal or degraded farmland in the United States, we plant trees, and sell the offsets. We are effectively returning these lands to their natural state 100+ years ago by restoring biodiverse forests. The other segment is improved forest management (IFM) under our Forest Carbon Works brand that works to conserve and enhance existing forests and support private forest landowners in bettering their stewardship.

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