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About Us

Chestnut Carbon, a nature-based carbon removal developer, operates high-quality U.S. forestry projects that meet the most rigorous Gold Standard® verification criteria.

We believe nature-based solutions offer the most scalable opportunity available today to capture carbon and help companies reduce their carbon footprint. We help sustainability-focused customers meet their net-zero carbon goals by adhering to the highest standards in today’s markets.

Whether you’re a discerning corporate customer seeking to offset your carbon footprint, or a landowner/land trust who wants to participate in the carbon credit market while conserving your forest lands, Chestnut can be your trusted long-term partner.

“Microsoft’s 15-year purchase agreement with Chestnut Carbon for afforestation-based carbon removal credits is a positive step towards Microsoft’s carbon negative goals. We are excited to collaborate with Chestnut and its Sustainable Restoration Project for high-quality, nature-based solutions located in the United States.”

Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy & Carbon Removal at Microsoft.


We help to sustain the planet through long-term, nature-based carbon solutions.

We help to sustain the planet through long-term, nature-based carbon solutions.

We are doing our part to help reduce carbon emissions by building new, biodiverse forest ecosystems and supporting local communities through long-term, nature-based carbon developments.  When it comes to carbon removal options of the highest integrity, Chestnut is a trusted source for truly additional US-based carbon credits.

Chestnut AFFORESTATION Project

Our Chestnut Restoration Project encompasses all of our newly forested land parcels across the U.S.

We plant and develop long-term forest projects that create biodiverse ecosystems and community benefits.  Our afforestation projects meet the most rigorous verification criteria of the Gold Standard® and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).  We acquire marginal crop and pasture lands, then partner with local foresters, nurseries, and community members to develop an ideal forest ecosystem based on native tree species, soil, drainage, and community land use.  In addition to building healthy forests, we bring jobs and other benefits to local communities. Our projects help improve local wildlife, air and water quality, and we maintain community engagement programs and benefits for the life of the project.

Our Goals

500,000 Acres

of restored forest by 2030, comprising more than 250 million trees

100 Million Tons

of carbon removed from the atmosphere

Our Certifications

Gold Standard®

removal credits issued through the premier nonprofit verification program for the global voluntary carbon market

Forest Stewardship Council®

independently certified by the nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) for healthy forest management practices